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Say This To Make Women Chase You

Every woman tries to find love in her life. Tries to find her soul mate. And if she does not feel close to you, she will not want to have sex with you. After you solved out problems with your attractiveness and sexuality (you changed your body language, you became more tan, you change the way you approach, act around women, you change your clothing style, you learned how to dance) it is time to more forward – learn to say things to make women chase you after you had sex with them.

I took her home on the same day and made same day lay. I met her second time after 3 days. This time we went to play pool with her. As everybody on this planet have low self-esteem I started to build her up. I started to give her such compliments like:

Lines to say to make women chase you after you had sex with them

-“Thank you being on time“, “Thank you that you playing pool with me“, “Thank you that you chose great clothes today“, “Thank you that you made coffee for me“, “Thank you that you brought me into reading books” and so on. I mix it with Alpha Male’s leading. Leading I mean I take responsibility for things to suggest to do and how I feel. And she loves that I am happy in my life, my emotional state is stable, I make her feel good about herself and I lead out relationship forward. But I am not controlling. And what happened, she became close to me. I built her up and she wanted to reciprocate to me.

First she turned music I like, second she made me coffee, third she turned on for sex and so on. I picked her up at the city center, we went to play pool, I built her up so much that she had sex with me being on period. Can You imagine the power of Alpha Male Mindset?


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