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Ways to flirt with a girl

how to flirt with a girl ways to flirt with a womanYesterday I and my follower were at the practice. He asked me how to flirt with girl. After five seconds he also asked: “what is the flirt?”. This article will answer for what is the flirt and how to flirt with woman.Flirt – it is interaction with subtext about relationships between you and woman. It means that your conversation has a subtext about sex. You lead conversation till sexual topics and make more and more girl feel sexual energy for you. It is real art! Alpha man knows one thing: if you do not lead conversation till intimate topic – you will become a friend for her. It means that she will not want to have sex and normal relationships with you. So FLIRT is very important for Alpha Man Lifestyle. Read

How to be an Alpha Male at the dance floor

alpha male mindset on the dance floorFirst do not pay attention for other people at all!Become Alpha Male on the Dance Floor and attract women easily with your Alpha Male Power. Learn how to become alpha male on the dance floor. We provide the best Alpha Male mindset you can find on this earth. Read

Beta male transformation to Alpha Male Darius

Darius-became-an-Alpha-Male-150x150I met Darius before two years. He found my website and wrote me a message:-          “I want to live my life. I want to live Alpha Male lifestyle. I don`t want to be programmed beta male by society. I want to be self-confident, have choice on women, get suitable woman for my relationships. Alphamantraining, I want to go to your Alpha Man Training program and change myself” So that time I was in Sochi (Russia). I sent Darius`s a message. When I arrived to Lithuania I met him. He was tall, behaved like a gentlemen. And I saw a problem. He was too nice for girls. Read

Beta male transformation to Alpha Male Donatas

pua transformation pick up 5Here my follower Donatas. I give him some tips about dating and seduction. Alpha Man knows he must look perfect from outside. It is very important in his social life. People make first impression about you by how you look from outside. As we see Donatas has too big clothes for him. They are old and not stylish. Read

Beta Male transformation to Alpha man Augustas

Beta Male Transformation to Alpha Male AugustasHis biggest problems:

  1. Fear of rejection
  2. He does not know how to continue conversation
  3. He feels stress when talking with girls
  4. He is not self-confident

His Dreams:

  1. To become Real Strong Alpha Man who is very self-confident,  and has high self-esteem
  2. To become at least perfect in social situations. Understand dynamic of social interaction
  3. Do not afraid to approach women at all.
  4. Start his own business in the future.
  5. Read

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