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Same Day Lay With Belarusian Girl in Vilnius

A wonderful romantic 2 days adventure with a Belarusian girl

Just before I get into the story, I want to tell you guys that I really appreciate the journey of learning how to interact with women and where it brought me. Ultimately I realize how much

I have learned about myself and how much is still left to learn. But I always try to stay humble.

Getting to the story…

This past week has been pretty busy for me. After my university exam this past Thursday I agreed to meet with a Japanese girl which I matched with on tinder one day ago. She only had one picture, but looked cute and since I am an adventures guy, I told myself – fuck it, let’s just see where it goes. I also had spoken with her on the phone an evening before and she sounded fine, I thought we had some sort of connection.

So I agreed to meet with her at the Cathedral square at 5 pm. When I first saw to be honest I was shocked cos she was short as fuck (like 152cm or something) and she looked super smart but not attractive at all. So I said to myself okey, let’s give it 20 max 30 minutes to chat and walk and then I will separate from her. So we took a walk around the old town, and all the time while talking about super logical things I was thinking why the fuck I did it… Cos we had no connection at all, but as I said I was not attracted to her at all in the first place. I learned that she was a PHD student living in Norway  and had full on no bullshit introversion.

So after walking 20 minutes, I told her honestly: listen I see that we have no connection and I so know purpose of hanging out more, though I appreciate the encounter. I wished her luck and we went separate ways. Before that I had already texted my buddy Abur to go for a walk because well, I was already in the city and the weather was pretty good.

Shortly I met Abur and we went for a walk. It’s funny but after that let’s say “weird” meet up with that Japanese chick I got into a talkative easy-going mood. So for you guys the lesson is: it does not matter who you talk to, as long as you talk to Somebody when you are out you become more social and interactive and it helps in the further encounters with people and girls, especially when you have been sitting at work in front of computer the whole day.

While walking we did some approaches and most of the girls were unavailable or in a rush, but it helped me and also my buddy Abur get in a better mood.

The encounter with a Belarusian girl…

So after walking for like 20 minutes and talking with Abur, we got very close to the Pilies street and I saw a girl crossing the pedestrian road from the Rotuse square side. I quickly noticed her, she was not very tall maybe like 160-165 cm, brunette and had a really beautiful rounded butt. At that time my intuition told me that she was a foreigner, but I rant up to her from the left side slightly from behind and tapped her on the left shoulder and opened her in Lithuanian. She instantly stopped and took a look of me. The first thing I said was like: was excuse me (in Lithuania language).

She was a petite, pail girl but very attractive and feminine which I felt instantly. Obviously I quickly switched to English language and said: oh you are probably Belarusian. She nodded with a smiley face looking slightly surprised by my correct guess. To be honest with you guys, I have had some encounters with Belarusian girls before and they  are really the ones Slavic girls that I am attracted to the most. They project this very strong feminine energy, radiance that is clearly communicated through their voice tonality, body language and manners and it gets me super turned on by these girls. I am not saying that only Belarusian girl are like that, but I really noticed that they have something really special about them on the energetic level. And by the way, most of these Slavic and Belarusian girls and very friendly of the open.

We quickly shook hands and introduced each other. I remember saying that she was attractive and that is why I came to her. When I said that I was looking her in the eyes and she felt that it was congruent and real. The whole interaction was very smooth and pleasant right from the beginning. I quickly wanted to get her logistics because I felt that and adventure may happen between us. I asked her for how long is she here and whether she is alone travelling or with somebody. She told me she was travelling by herself which I have her the reward by praising and saying how brave she is to be able to travel just by herself. Women like that stuff, when said at the right time.

I found out that she is staying just for 2 nights and is leaving on Saturday. And by the way to my surprise, she was renting an apartment right next to the building we were talking on Pilies street like literally 15 meters walk. Later she also told me she was supposed to come with a “guy” friend but he did not get visa. After just talking to her 1 minute I saw her getting attracted, she slightly changed her body language and was smiling a lot. Please guys when you approach girls don’t overload her with questions, especially when talking to tourist girls because any other guy would do that and it is fucking boring.

So pretty much the first minute of talking with her was me telling statements and guessing about her. She absolutely loved it. I pretty quickly felt connection between each other and was really calm and relaxed and enjoying her company. I started feeling that I can turn this encounter into a beautiful romantic adventure for both of us.

She told me that she studied in Italy and lived in Croatia for some time and that gave m the signal that she was pretty much open-minded to spontaneous experience. Generally people form Western cultures are more open-minded and more liberal in their behavior.

So I told her that it is going to be “just a short romance” between each other. She started laughing. I found out that we had some common things even just the pure fact that I also lived abroad for some years and have seen some of the more Western culture. What really turned me “on” was that she spoke great English. Apparently she worked in international company in Minsk as a English translator and taught English language to kids on some weekends.

Also she was going to the gym, which for me is really important from the girl because it show that the girls is really looking after herself. And of course I go to the gym too. Every once in a while I would look into her butt and body imagining how I would touch or slap it. I don’t really remember all the details about what we talked about but what I do remember that I teased her, made some “weird” claims about Belarus that spiked her emotions up. After maybe talking like good 5-10 minutes, I told her that we should hang out tonight and that I could show her some of the city. She was also in fact asking about that and to my mind it was like this: sure the best place to hang out in Vilnius is my bed…. Haha ( just in my mind as a form of self-amusement, not a form of needy paranoia).

It was like 7 pm, and she agreed to meeting later. I set up a date for 9 pm saying that I will just come next to her house which was pretty much where we met. I knew I had to go home, take shower and eat a bit before some possible adventure can happen. I also knew I had to be at work at 9 am the next day (Thursday), but I told myself well fuck it, I may not get enough sleep but I want to capture this moment of opportunity and make it count cos I really sincerely liked the girl. So after she agreed on meeting me later, I took her viber, hugged her and left home.

So I came to her place at 10 pm, I instantly greeted her with a firm hug, to establish “a man to a woman” frame. To let you know guys, I never think about these things in this way for me it is natural I just know what to do, but I wanna explain to you so you better understand why I do what I do.

So straight from the start I took the lead and told her: “This way”. I know how to lead and I know how it is important for the interaction to go this way, because you instantly show a girl that you are a masculine man. I never asked her where she would wanna go or what she would wanna do, I just led and adjusted from that point on.

So we went to the Cathedral square, just really easy going light chat about life, travelling, her life in Belarus and so on. In the beginning I was just walking next to her without any physical contact. But you know after having practicing this stuff for quit some year you just get the feeling that it is “on” with a girl.

So I was just enjoying the experience explaining her the places in the city and what are their history and context. I was sort of like a funny tourist guide who not only informed her but made light jokes about Vilnius as well. Later I told her: let’s go see the Parliament and she responded with sure. So I have my sort elbow to grab on to sort of establish gentleman to a woman frame and to have more physicality with her. She was totally comfortable with that.

Later we approached Lukiskes square and enclosed the the fences which you cannot see it through. I asked her if she wanted to see the square and she said yes, so it was a great opportunity to sort of „take care of her“ and also get more physical. I came from behind and lifted her squeezing her ass and she was totally comfortable with that.

There are guys that like to escalate with the girl quickly, but my way of doing things is taking it more slow. Though it depends on the context and how much time you have with the girl. This time I knew we had good 2 hour to walk and enjoy each other’s company, plus she was here alone and I was the one showing her around, so she was an amazing follower. Also pay attention that these small steps of physical escalation gives you information of how comfortable the girl is around you. If she complies with all the things you have done before in terms of touching her, lifting, hugging her, kissing on the cheek and so on, then it is a good insight for you to move things forward and not to take a step back.

After having seen a parliament I decide that okey, it is enough of walking and that it‘s about time I started walking her flat direction. It was getting more and more cold and this girl had really taken any warm jacket here, so her hand were freezing. So I told her: give me your hand. She gave one of her hands and I took it and put into my coat‘s pocket together my hand. I saw she was holding on to my hand and gently gripping on it. By that point I knew that she felt completely comfortable with me and that now we had this romantic and sexual vibe between each other. On top of that she also felt she can really trust me because I was again LEADING, LEADING.

If I was to mention the most attractive quality of a masculine man that would be it LEADING. Guys get that into your head. When you are with a girl – you are the man and you lead, she is – the girl and she follows. But don‘t be all like: fuck it I will always lead no matter what, even if the girls says that she does not want to do that or does not want to go there. You can always adjust your approach but the initiative to go somewhere or do something must come from you – the man. On the way to her place we stopped by Mcdonald‘s to drink tea and to warm up.

We showed each other some pictures of our lifes and experiences of travelling. I mentioned where I have traveled and that I have really pictures to show her later… So here I was planting the seed in her mind that our interaction will continue moving forward for a while and most probably in a more quite and isolated place. When we were walking to her place I did not really mention where we were walking. It was kind of late at the time like 00:30 am or something so we kind of both new that we are moving towards her apartment.

As soon as we got like 100 meters from her place, I used AMT SYSTEMS to get into her apartment.

So we got into her apartment, I walked around the apartment, checked the rooms, told her that it was a really cool place. In fact it was a really amazing apartment, kind of like 5 start hotel and she was here all by herself… I did not rush things from that point on. She prepared me some tea and we chilled in the living room for a while. I showed some more photos of mine, she showed some of her photos. The TV was opened playing MTV.

After maybe 20 minutes of chilling I used AMT systems to turn her on. That is one of my favorite things to do while being with a new girl in the house. 90 Percent of the girls agree with that, at least from my own experience. There was no resistance whatsoever.

Then I used AMT systems to get her to bedroom. At some point she stopped a bit and told me that she is not read for sex because it is to quick for her. With no emotional reaction I told her that it is fine, that I really enjoy her company and that we do not have to do this, but let‘s just lay in bed and chill.

And truly I really liked this girl, we had so many things in common and the vibe was great.So we chilled and cuddled in bed, talked about life and meeting each other and how spontaneous it was. She told me that if had been 30 seconds later, I would have never met her. And that was true because I caught this girl 30 meters way from her apartment. After some time of being in bed with her, I asked if I could stay over night because she is lovely and I really fucking enjoy her company and I understand her that everything happened very quickly and that we do not have to do anything. She felt that I was sincere which I truly was and she told that I can surely stay with her. So I told her: it is getting late, we should go to sleep.

When we got back to bed already undressed she was wearing this sexy black underwear and that really turned me on. I knew that even her telling that „it is to fast“ doesn’t mean much because she wants me but just she does not want to appear like a slut. Anyways we started making out I started touching and kissing her, grabbing on her clitoris and then she asked: do you have a condom? And that we done deal haha. This girl‘s body was super fit and sexy, she had a very firm body and butt because I regularly going to the gym. It really arouses me when

I know that a girl goes the gym, it is just suck and attractive behavior or quality of the girl that I cannot resist. This girl was very good in bed, she new how to move and she sucked my dick which I really enjoy. But of course I licked her clit before that.

I always give women pleasure first before asking or receiving it back from a girl. It is just my mentality: first give, give and than receive if possible . So anyways I felt really tired but happy in the morning after waking up at 7 pm to leave her and go for work. It was Thursday and I told this girl that I was gonna take her to Trakai (this amazing historical city of Lithuania which has beautiful clean lakes and Gediminas castle)

that Friday evening after work.

So after work, I took a few hour nap to kind of recover from the last underslept night and went to meet this girl again. I drove around the city, I showed her some more places in Vilnius and then we also went to Trakai. Gosh, I really „loved“ this girl, she was so nice, friendly and feminine. So all this time spent with her was a real „katarsis“ and sort of meditation form me. It has been a long time I had this sort of adventure in a long time.

So the second night we fucked on the coach, she got really wild and kicky on that coach, even got more dominant in a way. We also had morning sex and we in fact came together, got simultaneous orgasm which was really mind-blowing. So that really shows that we had amazing chemistry with each other. To kind of sum up all of that, I hope it was inspiring for you guys but also you learned something from that and can implement it directly into your life as well

We still continue talking with each other when now she is back in Minsk. The girl wants me to visit her know and tells me I can stay at her place which is dope. I really appreciate this experience and I am very very grateful for that.



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Thanks for Alphamantraining products and trainings. They are changing my life!

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