Same day lay from day game with a 25 year old Russian model from Sankt-Petersburg in Lithuania (2018 09 21) - post5768

Same day lay from day game with a 25 year old Russian model from Sankt-Petersburg in Lithuania (2018 09 21)

Same day lay from day game with a 25 year old Russian model from Sankt-Petersburg in Lithuania (2018 09 21)

So just left the office for a lunch break and I am walking down Gediminas avenue in Vilnius. It is kind of the main city center street in Vilnius. As I am walking on the right side of the pavement I notice a girl with blue jeans and light blue t-shirt walking on the left side of the pavement. By this time I have not seen her face, but I am really intrigued by the way she walk. She is walking slowly, nu rush and is checking the place out. I quickly notice her chest sticking out and decide to go forward a bit faster so I can see her face.

She is brunette and I realise she must be a tourist, her face looks great but not super crazy hot, she is wearing sun glass. So decide to walk across the street and approach her. I know as soon as I cross the street we will just sort of bump into each other. So as I am crossing the street I notice this British type looking two store heigh touristic bus driving on the street and suddenly decide to capture it. The brunette notice me taking a photo and I notice that she noticed. I am doing this photo because I am genuinely want to do it.

As soon as take a picture I head to the girl walk from the right side and open „What do you think about the photo? I think it looks nice“. She looks at me, smiles while being a bit surprised and says I do not speak English. I realise she is russian based on her accent so quickly switch to my broken russian she laugh a bit and welcomes me with a friendly smirk. I tell her that my russian is bad but I will try my best. We keep walking, we do not stop.

I tell her that she had a sexual walk and I look at her boobs while I say that and that I had to say hi. She laughs and I introduce myself. I ask her what she is doing in Vilnius to get logistical situation. She tells me that she was visiting her female friend in Kaunas (second biggest city in Lithuania) for three days and decide to spend 2 days in Vilnius before leaving to Sankt-Petersburg (Russia). She also tells me she is leaving the next morning. I quickly ask her what time is her plane. She tells me that it‘s at 5 am.

So know I know quite a lot of information to deal with and I more or less know her logistics. For now I do not ask what hotel she is staying in, I decide to do it a bit later. But I already see myself fucking her and I already have a plan how I am gonna do that.

So as we are walking we do a small talk about what she likes about Vilnius, where she has been and so on. I tell her that I am on my lunch break and offer her to go for lunch at this shopping mall called VCUP. I know one restaurant who is on the top floor of that mall with a terrace and a nice view of the city. Without much hesitation she agrees.

Every once in a while I have to use google translate because I do not know how to say certain words or I do not understand her. While we are walking towards that restaurant we talk a bit about life, fitness, what I do. By this moment I have not established any physical contact yet. I do not feel like it is necessary. I see that she has iPhone X, and I tell her that my Huawei phone is better in terms of picture quality and we are walking on the white bridge and I offer her to take a picture of her and compare the quality and sure the photos taken by my phone are better. I tell her that I will send those pictures I took to her and ask for her insta to check her out as well. She has a bit more than 8 thousand followers and it‘s written that she is a model. Well I do not react to that because it‘s just Instagram. She is quite surprised by my profile I see her face lit up when she start following me.

So guys I do recommend to build your Instagram profile to your life, your lifestyle and what you are doing in life. It is a great social proof for girls and I only have 700  followers. Obviously your game should not rely purely on social media but it is a great bonus for the girl to see that you are actually a cool guy and have a life behind yourself. It is especially useful when two of you are not together and then she checks your profile. I promise all girls do that. And girls that are 8+ will always check your social media and see if you have some life or status. It is just the way they operate.

Anyways back to the story. We arrive to the terrace. I tell her to sit next to me to make it more sexual. It is quite hot day and I am sweating, she as well. I order myself day lunch, she takes some salad. She talks about her studies, she is learning to become a TV presenter, like in the news etc. She tells me she has been in a relationship for 3 years and quite recently broke up. For me it is quite irrelevant so I just keep talking to her about other things, I tel her how I want to become a personal trainer because I love fitness and training people. I also show her some pictures from the events with my work.
By this time I have poked her in the stomach to playfully see if she has abs and honestly she has a pretty firm belly I get very excited about how I am gonna fuck her. She gives me the classic shit test if I always approach girls like that. My answer is: „Ye I do it every day if I am in the good mood“, I show no reaction. To be honest this is the only real shit test she gives me throughout the interaction. I tell her some Russian fucked up poems and some jokes I know in Russian language and she laughs.

I am getting quite sweaty sitting in front of the sun so I decide to move to the other side of the table. So know we are facing each other. She asks me if she can smoke I tell her of course and bring her the ashbin from the other table (a lot of you are gonna say, oh you are supplicating or serving her – and no I am just being cool and friendly in this situation and my doing that comes from the right place).

During the time we are eating I ask her what hotel she is staying in. And she is right in the city center. Start making plans with her to meet in the evening and she gladly want to meet. We finish eating, I pay for the food and we leave. I took her number as well and asked if she had internet on the phone which she did. I did not make exact plans with her on the spot and decide to do that through texting. After that I gave her a hug and said it was great to meet you and she said likewise with a nice smile and we parted ways.

After work, I went for the quick gym workout and made plans with her to meet around 8 pm, you will see some texting. It is as always, leading the girl. Although you will see that she asked me out herself which cause her to invest more a great sign. Also while in the gym I send her a photo ping via instagram just my thumb raised in the gym, and she send me a photo back with her legs lying on the bed watching some TV. I take this as very sexual positive sign. I take this as a hint that she want to get fucked because in this case she is already more sexual.

At 8 pm I park the car probably like 500 meters from her hotel and leave a bottle of white wine for later which I will use for pulling, I do not wanna be carrying that stuff around.
So I meet her at the square give her a hug and straight away I tell her where we are gonna go. I decide to take her to a very nice skybar in Vilnius which on the top floor of Radisson Blue hotel and you can see the whole view of the old town. On the way there we are just having a small talk about what she was doing and so on, take some random pics. I make fun of her iPhone X for having a shitty camera haha.

At the bar.

She loves the place and the view and takes some pictures we order some coffee and just have a very chill and relaxed conversation. We talk about which city she was born in, a bit about her family, hobbies, the countries she traveled. She invites me to visit Moscow. I poke her a few times, tell a few russian jokes I know. Overall it is a very chill conversation with a bit of google translation usage. She makes a video of me dancing next to the window. I also kind make sure I really got the logistics right, the time of her flight, what time she is planning to leave the hotel so I know what time I have to play with. She tells me that she does not sleep very well the night before the flight but this time want to get some rest. And in my mind I am thinking „Fuck no, tonight you are gonna be doing something different“.

I noticed this pattern with the travelling girls I fucked. A lot of them tell me that they are gonna go to sleep in the evening before the flight bla bla bla. And usually we both know that it is our last chance to hang out and spend time. But girls sort say this story to themselves not to feel guilty and slutty.
She asks me if I have to wake up early tomorrow and I kind of interpret that as I green light because maybe consciously or maybe unconciously she is screening for my logistics. Which for later will give the confidence to overcome her objections an go for the kill. Obviously I tell her that I need to wake up in the morning but not that early.

By this time it‘s about 9:15 pm and I decide to bounce. I have not done so much physical contact by this time so once we are in the elevator, I bring her in and give her a firm hug which she complies to. Once we are out of the hotel she asks me if we can just go for a walk a bit, of course I say yes and we start basically heading towards her hotel without verbally agreeing to that.

We get closer to the hotel, by this time I am walking and hugging her from the side and she is doing it likewise. So now I feel is the time to go for the kill. Since I do not know how to say in russian, I take my phone and type in to google translator something like that: „We can go to your hotel and have a some wine which I have in my car very close to the hotel, and we can chill and relax for an hour, after I leave“. She reads my message and smiles and here is where the objection occurs. For the moment the moment she seems to be hesitant and sort of does not know how to respond but then says „No you cannot go to my hotel“ I ask why, she again seems hesitant and says“ „I do not know how to explain“. I respond with „Look I know it is very spontaneous, but you only live once why not to enjoy the experience. And I also decide to kill the sex objection before it even occurs and so I tell her „Look we do not need to have sex, we just drink some wine, listen to music for an hour and I leave and you go to sleep because your flight is early“. When I said that I looked at her and she seemd as if she was just waiting for me to be decisive and to lead and which I did. So she does not verbally agree to that but I can see she is complying. So I just automatically assume that she will go for it and I tell her „Okey so, let‘s just go to my car and I will pick up the wine“. And then we go.

PS. Earlier in the day and bar place interaction with her I rewarded her twice for being such a spontaneous girl and how cool is that she was open enough to spend the time with a stranger. I always do these rewards and seeds because I know that later this will help me to pull her when handling objections. This is psychology – humans have the tendency to stick to the behavior or be consistent to the behavior which they argreed either verbally or non-verbally, consciously or non-consciously. So if you can make a girl to agree to the fact how wonderful, open-minded, adventurous and spontaneous she is during the date, she is most likely keep that attitude later on in the interaction as well.

We get to the hotel, she is a little bit nervous if the receptionist might notice us and stop us to ask for the reason why this guy is with her. Fortunatelly, that hotel has another entrance where you can just go straight to the elevator.

We get to the room, she switches on the TV while I poor some wine and goes to the toilet. After, we drink some wine and I just talk about this hotel room that it looks nice, that I like the windows and the toilet, I hop on the bed to test it. She also sits down on the edge of the bed and I just come around I tell her that I will just give her a quick neck massage.

After massaging her and chatting her for few minutes I sort of turn myself in front of her and tell her „Let‘s see how good of a kisser are you“ and got for the kiss. We kiss for about 15 seconds, I can feel it is on, but I purposefully stop and go take my glass of wine and after a few second tell her that „she is alright in terms of kissing“. I completely stop my escalation for a few more minutes and then I offer her to dance. After a few minutes it‘s on we start making out again I ask her to take my shirt of which she does. But then I tell her „we do not have to do this, let me know if at any you feel uncomfortable“. She replies: „I feel like it I will let you now“. So it‘s on we keep undressing each other, she takes of her bra herself and I start sucking on her fake tits telling her how sexy she is.

Basically she did not give me any LMR, it took us a little bit of foreplay and we were fucking. Sex was really good, she was moaning a lot and came like three times and she bleeded. Turns out she had her period starting but did not feel it. Anyways, fucked her twice and was great.The body was hot, no wrinkles, no fat belly. Really fit girl.

After sex I asked her what was the moment she realized that she wanted to have sex with me. And said that it was in the restaurant when I was moving to the other side of the table, I looked at her in a specific way that kind of turned her on. When she said that I could not really remember that, so I guess it was something that I did unconsciously that caused her to be turned on and realized she wanted to fuck me already.

Definitely one of the most memorable lay story for me. I hope you enjoyed that. Hopefully the process of getting laid is becoming more clear for you. But obviously it is just me and my experience but I really hope you can learn some lessons out of it.

A lot of you guys might think „Oh he was lucky to meet the girl on the street who was leaving the next morning“. But the truth of the matter is that I do the numbers, I am out there in the field and sooner or later opportunities come along. Did I still need game to fuck this girl? Of course, I would have not pulled this off if I did not have game. Plus for me this girl was a solid 8 with the fake lips and the boobs.

Surprisingly in this interaction the girl did not give me a lot of shit tests, I guess to some of them I was just unconsciously responding very well and kept the frame.

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