Same night lay with a 21 year of brunette in Stockholm Sweden (2019 09 13) - post5727

Same night lay with a 21 year of brunette in Stockholm Sweden (2019 09 13)

Same night lay with a 21 year of brunette in Stockholm Sweden (2019 09 13)

I am AMT Coach and I was doing PUA Bootcamp – Alpha Man Training in Stockholm Sweden. This is definitely one of my fastest pull ever.

Last week I had the chance to visit relatively small town in Sweden called Spånga with about 39,082 people of population. There was a food festival in the name Gnarly Burger and since I had student on Alpha Man Training it was a good approaching and warming up ground. Gave to student some exercises before approaching Stockholm. Anyways getting back to Stockholm.

So I arrive at Stockholm on Thursday afternoon and just kind of prepare for the festival which is going to take place on the following two days.

In the evening after the business has been sorted out I decide to go and explore the city a bit. I let my two girl that came with me (Alpha Man Training female assistant on teaching your dancing, kino techniques) in this trip to go on their own so I can have some time for myself.

It is around 10 pm when I arrive in the city. The hotel I am staying in is like 5 minutes away from the very city center. Stockholm is a very beautiful city and I do recommend anyone to visit. Anyways, so logistics are great I am ready to go.
I decide I am not gonna go to any clubs because the city starts to look a bit dead after 11 pm and overall I do not see any opportunities for gutter game (very few girls on the streets).

So I just decide to walk around the city and take some pictures with my phone. I arrive at thus beautifully looking church and start making pictures of it. By this time I have done few approaches but mostly girls did not speak English so I did not stay long in those sets. That was really weird because most of people speak in English in Stockholm.

As I making a photo of this church I see a girl passing by who is about to cross the pedestrian road and as she is walking she gives me this smile and almost laughs at me taking pictures. In that setting where barely any people in the city. But she keeps walking as if nothing happened. In the beginning I am thinking “a not worth it, I better get back to hotel and sleep and get rest for tomorrow’s daygame session with student, because he this time he chose to focus on daygame”. But then I think to myself, but I did intend to have some fun in the city so I fucking chase her down, it is still 10 meters distance between and I decide to give a little shout towards her like “Hey you, excuse me”.

I did that because I did not want her to feel scared and feel like some man is walking behind her. Keep in mind next to that church there is no people at that point of the night. So I what I did here is basically informed her about my presence from a distance so she basically can kind prepare for an encounter.
As she turn around I greet her with a smile and say “I hope I did not scare you, as the city is very empty”. She greets me with a warm response and I see that she is very into me right from the start.

I decide to go sexual quickly and just give her a hug and say how cool and friendly she is to the stranger. I quickly notice that she has those bright and shiny eyes and that she would be open for the adventure and least her eye contact tells me that.

She tells me that she has been in the bar with friends including her younger brother and she felt boring so she left and decide to head home. But as I ask her what she is doing she basically seems hesitant and tell me “I don’t know, I am not sure if I wanna go home yet”.

That gives me the sign to move forward with the interaction so I quickly make a game plan of how I am gonna pull. Earlier in the interaction I noticed she had a tattoo, so I used that to escalate and touch her arm and talk about it.

Basically I tell her that I wanna go buy something to drink and that we should just go for a walk an she complies. And we start heading towards my location. I tell her that there is a nice park just 3 minutes away with a fountain and that we should go there and again she agrees to that. That park is basically 3 minutes away from my hotel.

As we are walking there she starts smoking and that gives me a clue that she is one of those bad girls as she also has a tattoo (justifier type, more about types of women at Alpha Man Training PUA Bootcamp).

We stop buy the small night shop where I buy some flavored beer. I am not really a drinker but I feel like it will help me to pull her, since she seems she has already had a few drinks and would not mind to share a can of this beer with me.

While on the way to the park, I tell her what I am doing here and how much I like the city. I told her that I am a dance teacher and I am doing dance training. I ask her about her studies and what in general she is doing in life. She tells me she works in a restaurant as a waitress for the summer time. Basically at this moment I can already feel like the pull will happen as she is taking my lead. And I basically talk about anything to just have a conversation to keep her mind busy and entertained.

We arrive at the park and sit on the bench. I open my can up and we start drinking a bit and talking about life and travels. Surprisingly she speaks pretty good English. After I few minutes in, I test her compliance by giving her a hug and kissing her on the cheek and she does not push me back. We talk a bit more and I start sort of moving the conversation more into a sexual way.

Like how cool is that two strangers met, and how cool is the she smiled at me and I decide to approach. I compliment her for the fact that she agreed to for a walk with me and tell her I like that she is adventures. She tells me that she has spent her last week in a music festival where all she did was party, smoke, drink and so on. She also tells me she loves to go out and party and does it often.

That is an indicator that she is the kind of girl I could have sex tonight.

After sitting on the bench for 25 minutes I go for the kiss and she slightly pushes me back, so I go for a bit more comfort building and talk more with her and then try again after a few minutes. Finally she gives in and we make out and touch her boobs a bit. I tell her how horny she makes me feel now.
She responds with a laughter and tells me not to expect anything. I just brush it off.

At first she denies and tell she may need to go back to the city to see her brother as she is getting more drunk. With a bit of more comfort building and talking I convince her to go there because – it is close, just 2 minutes walk and then I will walk her back to the city.

Finally she complies and we go. As we arrive at the parking lot. So what I do I just lean myself towards the truck and tell her to come and we start making out since I want to raise her buying temperature to agree to go to my hotel room after. After one minute of kissing I already know that either we go back to the city or I need to pull her because otherwise it will start being weird why we are standing next to that truck so long.

So I tell her listen: “I really need to go to the toilet, join me, I will quickly show you my room and then I am gonna walk you back to the city”.
She agrees.

So once we are back in the hotel room and do my toilet stuff and turn on some Youtube music and basically start escalating, she complies. I ask her to take my shirt off, I sat her on the bed, she gives a little bit of resistance and stops the escalation but I basically tell her that we live only once and it can be a nice and fun experience. Afterwards she did not give me any LMR (last minute resistance) apart from refusing to suck and touch my dick. Maybe she was overly protective or maybe she lacked the experience.

A sex was really amazing. Her ass was bubble – peach, very big and amazing to fuck. After first time i banged her, went to toilet. I said to myself. I need to bang her to the point that she would feel pain in her pussy for two weeks. I finished my stuff in toiled, came back with a prepared dick. She expected us go back to city and I follow it. Yes I said we a going, one the last step near the doors i lifted her up, binged back to bed and fucked so deeply that actually neighbors should hear how she was screaming: “aaaaa aaaaa och my god aaa aaaa don’t stop!!!”
Afterward I was so happy and did not want to be a dick so I actually walked her back to the city.

The whole pull happened within 2 hours and it is definitely one of my fastest pull.  It is definitely a nice reminder now for myself of what it is actually possible.

Anyways, hope you enjoyed the story. If you liked it, feel free to learn from my


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