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Beta Male Transformation to Alpha Male Artur

Beta Male Transformation to Alpha Male ArturArtur came to Alpha Man Training. He dressed like average Eastern European guy: jeans, sport shoes, old jumper. As Artur said: he had just one girl in the past. And she was dominant type, while he was passive type.

He found me on internet. Saw my Alpha Man program and decided to take these courses. One of the reason why he chose Alpha Man Program was flexibility with schedule of those training . You can go to training whenever you want. You schedule Alpha Man Training with Airinas and he will help you.

Artur never know how to date a girl, how to keep her, how to have abundance of women, how to achieve your goals, how to become aggressive not passive Read

AlphaMan takes every opportunity from life

Alpha man takes every opportunity he meetsThe most important thing in life is to take opportunities.  Alpha man never lets them go away. He takes every opportunities  while other men don`t see it. Here in this video I took opportunity. I saw girl walking from university, approached her and started my expert knowledgeable conversation. She was beautiful   my type of girl. I said for her: „I really liked you, what`s your name?“. She was excited  and happy.

How to pickup girls in college

how to pick up girls in universityFirst – do not go if you slept badly. Go to the university or college when you in the good mood. Why? Because you do not have energy if you are tired. For picking up girls I strongly recommend you to go out in positive alpha man attitude. What is the alpha man attitude? First – girl is never above him. If you let girl dominate you she will control all situation. Read

Beta Male transformation to Alpha Male Giedrius

PUA transformation Beta to AlphaHello everyone, it is  follower Giedrius. His goal is to learn the essence about dynamic of groups. He want to uncover secrets about Alpha male. He want to know how he behaves with group of people. Giedrius is convinced that third Alpha Man Training Stage is the most important in his life. Giedrius want to become at least good at situation where is group of people. He wants to make positive influence for other people, Read

Beta Male transformation to Alpha Male Darius UK

Beta Male transformation to Alpha Male DariusHello men who are interested about Alpha Man lifestyle, social skills, behavior and monster level of confidence. Here is my follower Darius. At the beginning of Alpha man training I saw  Darius`s one mistake. It was at his body language. As you see in video, he is walking not straight. He is moving his weight to one leg. Instead of that he must go moving his weight to both legs. It will keep his good posture and alpha man walking. Read

Beta Male transformation to Alpha Male Dainius

PUA Training Beta transformation to Champion (PUA Bootcamp TrainingDainius has arrived to my Alpha Man Training courses. Dainius has chosen III stage of Alpha Man Training.   It is the most beneficial stage for Dainius. Why? Because he wants to feel enormous confident talking with group of girls. Read

Beta male transformation to Alpha Male Vytas

mens style women want you to wearVytas`s Successful Style and night game coaching. Vytas has arrived for my consultation. He said that he want to improve his style. It means that he is interested about style which is attractive for woman. He wants to reveal all secrets about successful man style and how it is important in Alpha man lifestyle.

The shortest way to get a girlfriend

how to get a girlfriend fastIf you want to get a girlfriend fast – this article will answer you. First you must pick up a girl. How you can do it? You can go on online dating, you can wait friend`s party and meet new girls at this party, or you can go like Real Alpha Man to outside ant meet instantly beautiful woman at street. Read

Ways to flirt with a girl

how to flirt with a girl ways to flirt with a womanYesterday I and my follower were at the practice. He asked me how to flirt with girl. After five seconds he also asked: “what is the flirt?”. This article will answer for what is the flirt and how to flirt with woman.Flirt – it is interaction with subtext about relationships between you and woman. It means that your conversation has a subtext about sex. You lead conversation till sexual topics and make more and more girl feel sexual energy for you. It is real art! Alpha man knows one thing: if you do not lead conversation till intimate topic – you will become a friend for her. It means that she will not want to have sex and normal relationships with you. So FLIRT is very important for Alpha Man Lifestyle. Read

How to be an Alpha Male at the dance floor

alpha male mindset on the dance floorFirst do not pay attention for other people at all!Become Alpha Male on the Dance Floor and attract women easily with your Alpha Male Power. Learn how to become alpha male on the dance floor. We provide the best Alpha Male mindset you can find on this earth. Read

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